We have the facilities to store your boat in a number of different ways.

Of course we offer land storage throughout the year as well as winter storage both on land and in the water. At any given time you can find almost 600 boats on trailers, cradles or in slips.

With all of these options, boat owners will have access to free gate-accessed private parking, Wi-Fi, pump-out, water and electricity as well as all of the marina facilities such as climate controlled bathrooms, showers with private dressing rooms and laundry room. Our popular shaded waterfront park area with picnic tables and barbeque grills has a pavilion and playground to entertain family and friends landside; a chance for boating people to “gather and gam.”

Why Choose Maryland Marina for Chesapeake Bay Winter Boat Storage?

You will soon discover that our friendly staff members are knowledgeable professionals. Whether you’re looking for advice, inquiring about service work, or just wanting to know where to find the best crab cake, we strive to make your stay with us as enjoyable and carefree as possible.

  • Water and 15 amp electric are available within 50’ of storage spaces. Water is available except during the winter months.
  • It’s not something you often think about; however, the level of care given to your boat during your haulout and storage is very important. Our seasoned professionals will treat your boat like it was their own. We take every precaution including, making sure our travel lift straps are clean so your gelcoat isn’t scratched, thoroughly power washing your bottom to insure your spring painting is as easy as possible, to blocking and cradling your boat correctly in order to prevent structural damage.
  • Sailboats are placed in adjustable steel cradles instead of jack stands thus providing a level of stability that has safely weathered storms for 72 years!
  • Your boat will not be multi-stacked, giving you the ability to launch your boat on any given scheduled week. Boats are also stored far enough apart to allow room to clean and wax your hull.
  • Maryland Marina is a gated facility providing an extra level of security. All boat owners are provided with a gate card giving them 24 hour access to their boat.
  • We are also great for the do-it-yourself boater. While we do offer a comprehensive list of services, including peace-of-mind winterization packages, (see our Service page) you are welcome to work on your own boat or hire outside contractors. Pre-notification is required to allow people to board or work on your boat. Owners and contractors must adhere to all environmental rules and contractors are required to show proof of insurance.
  • Our yearly and winter storage customers receive first option on all work scheduled with our service department.
Learn More About Our Winterizing Service

For information on our Chesapeake Bay winter storage pricing, simply call or email MdMarina@F3marina.com with the make, model, year and size of your boat.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not unusual for our storage lot to be filled to capacity during the winter.

In fairness to our slip holders and previous customers, they are provided the first option, through Mid-September, to reserve a dry storage space. In the interim, we maintain a “New Customer Inquiry” list. After mid-September, we begin to sequentially contact new customers to review availability and provide the opportunity to schedule their haul-out. If you would like to be added to this list, please contact us ASAP. Should you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Space is Limited – Call Today to Reserve Your Spot

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Yearly and Seasonal Slips

Our marina is located on scenic Frog Mortar Creek, a tributary of Middle River. This creek is the only hurricane hole on the western shore north of the Patapsco River as noted in Chesapeake Bay Magazine’s “Guide to Cruising the Chesapeake Bay.”

This protected creek provides an extra margin of safety for the 360 slips that can accommodate vessels between 15 and 55 feet long with up to a 6 foot draft.

Maryland Marina Full Map
Full Marina Map
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Maryland Marina North Section Map
North Section
(Piers 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8)
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Maryland Marina South Section Map
South Section
(Piers A, 2 & 3)
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Tips on Slips

  • When shopping for an in water slip, many boaters ask for pricing based on the boat length. What they fail to consider is the size of the slip being quoted. There are two different approaches to renting slips.
  • Some marina’s routinely make a practice of renting a slip that is undersized for the boat that will be occupying it. For example, they will put a 30′ boat on a 30′ or smaller slip. Renting a “short slip” means the boat will protrude beyond the mooring piles into the navigable waterway. This approach puts the safety of the boater and boat at risk.
  • To avoid damage due to tidal fluctuations, boats should be tied 2′ – 3′ from the dock. Therefore, a proper fitting slip should exceed the boat length by at least this margin. A little less can be considered on floating docks. The width of the slip (distance between the mooring piles) and depth should also be taken into consideration. It is important that a boater be aware of the dimensions of their boat. The total length should include swim and anchor platforms. Knowing these dimensions will ultimately help you locate a proper fitting slip that will make you happy.
  • Maryland Marina is excited to announce the completion of the first of our new generation of piers. The new dock offers longer and wider finger piers and provides slip side pump-out for all boats.
  • Each slip that is 30′ and longer has its own dedicated utility pedestal that provides your choice of twin 30 amp or 50 amp electric as well as extended season potable water service. This new dock is finished with the finest quality wood decking known as Ipe. This dense, eco-friendly, Brazilian hardwood is splinter, scratch, fire, mold, pest, and weather resistant; therefore, making it as durable as it is beautiful.
  • This flagship of Maryland Marina’s third generation of piers will certainly appeal to the most discerning of boat owners who are looking for the best facilities at affordable rates.

Slip Rental

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Dry Sail & Boat on Trailer

Dry Sail

Our Dry Sail option allows you to store your boat safely on land yet have it launched and ready to use when you need it. This service is available for most boats, both sail and power, that are up to 27 feet, have less than a 4 foot draft and have a single engine. One of the unique features of this option is that your boat is stored on a steel cradle at ground level so that you can get aboard and work on it without it being moved; this eliminates the “oops” factor involved with removing and replacing boats on high stacked racks. Another unique Dry Sail feature is the use of our wet slips that are reserved for our Dry Sailors who may want to stay in the water overnight but not anchor out. If you hate to paint the bottom of your boat yet would rather not be launching and hauling your boat with a trailer every time you want to use it, perhaps our Dry Sail system is for you.

Boat on Trailer

Some people prefer to launch and retrieve their boats themselves; they are the captain on land as well as on the sea. At Maryland Marina we offer both seasonal and yearly storage for trailer boats with single, dual or triple axle rigs up to 8500 pounds. This option would be the “value choice” as it tends to be the least expensive way to go boating; yet we still provide electric to finish those last minute jobs, ample parking after launching and water for those after-voyage cleanups. Our dual concrete ramp is so accessible that, “if you can’t launch here, there’s no water in the creek.”

Land Storage

Unlike many marinas that are cramped for land space, Maryland Marina sits on 18 1/2 waterfront acres; enough to store many boats in a number of different ways. During the season, we have trailer boat areas, Dry Sail areas and ample parking for most leisure time activities. In the off-season we are able to accommodate our slip holders who choose to be on land for the winter as well as many boat owners from other marinas.

One of the unique features of our land storage is that we use adjustable steel cradles for most sailboats and small power boats; a secure method that provides peace of mind during those winter snows or summer thunderstorms. Another advantage of having 18 1/2 acres is that we do not stack boats one behind the other. This allows us to launch any boat in the yard during the week chosen by the owner.