Winter 2021/2022

In an effort to assist you in “buttoning” up your boat for the winter we offer the following information.

Water Services

The dates listed for each of the areas indicates when the service will be deactivated by. Water Services can and will be deactivated sooner if a hard or prolonged freeze is forecasted.

Piers 2 thru 8 Water: Turned off by November 18th.

Pump Out: Deactivated by December 13th. 

Storage Lot & Pier A Water: Turned off by December 13th.

Building Outlets: The water outlets on the outside of our main building will remain on throughout the winter.

Hot Water: Hot water is available year round in both the public restrooms near the office and at the bathhouse.  If you need buckets of hot water, use the deep sinks found in the porta potty room at the rear corner of the office building, the laundry room or the porta potty room at the bathhouse.    


The bathhouse will be closed periodically through this winter for renovations.  It will be reopening in April.  Remember, your gate card is needed to access the bathhouse. The restrooms at the office will remain open 24/7.  


PLEASE DO NOT DISPOSE OF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING IN OR PLACE NEAR THE DUMPSTERS. The recycling area is in the rear of our main building next to the service bays. 

Motor Oil or Diesel Fuel: Dispose these products in the silver 250 gallon tank. Open lid to the yellow receptacle on the drum marked “Waste Oil” and pour directly in.  Oily rags and filters can be sealed in a plastic bag and disposed of in the trash cans next to the drum. DO NOT PUT GASOLINE IN THIS TANK.

Permanent Anti-Freeze: Dispose permanent anti-freeze (yellow/green) in the large container “marked anti-freeze” near the waste oil tank.  Unscrew the cap to the drum, pour in and replace the cap when finished.

Old Batteries can be left on the pallet near the waste oil drum.

Recycling Materials

A small recycling dumpster is located in the visitor parking lot near the main gate to the marina.  The receptacle is set up to accept all types of recycling materials such as paper, glass, plastic and cans.  Please do not throw general trash or food stuff in this container.

Wet Winter Slips

If you intend to leave your boat in the water during the winter, it may be to your advantage to move your boat to a deeper slip prior to winterization.  During severe winter storms, it can occur that we may encounter extremely low tides. If you wish to move your boat to a deeper slip for the winter, please check with the office a week prior to winterization, for a winter slip assignment. 

Winterizing Supplies

If you are looking to save money on your winterizing supplies, check no farther than our Maryland Discount Marine Supply store. We have an ample supply of winterizing products. Our prices are typically better than the discount houses.

To protect against damages to hoses, water systems and seals, be sure to use Propylene Glycol antifreeze. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL BASED PRODUCTS such as sold at Walmart and automotive stores. Alcohol based antifreeze will damage hoses and other rubber components.

We also sell oil & filters for Yanmar, Westerbeke. Universal, Beta Marine, Mercury, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Volvo engines.


Winterizing Services

If you are intending to have Maryland Marina perform any winterizing services on your boat, please note that the last date that we will guarantee our services will be November 15th

Historically we have had “hard freezes” (temperatures below 32 degrees for 24 straight hours) as early as mid-November. If a hard freeze occurs, un-winterized engines or water systems could be damaged. Winterizing after a hard freeze may prevent further damage. Even though we perform winterizing after the 15th, we cannot guarantee services to systems that may have already experienced a hard freeze.

Please call the office to schedule your winterizing. If you are having your boat winterized by an outside contractor, please notify the office that you gave your permission for them to board your boat. 

Shrink Wrapping & Covering

Shrink wrapping is a popular way to cover a boat.  It keeps the boat cleaner throughout the winter and deflects the snow better than a conventional cover or tarp. 

If you are interested in getting a price for this service, we suggest that you contact either Blitz Mobile at 443 226-7127 or Maryland Boat Sales & Service at 443 324-1368.  They will come to your boat and cover it in place and then bill you directly.

If you are having your boat shrink wrapped using a different service, please notify the office that you gave your permission for them to board your boat.

A note about shrink wrapped boats:

To avoid a potential mildew/mold problem in the spring, remove your shrink wrap before the warmer weather in April. If you do not shrink wrap, we highly recommend that you at least put a tarp or cover over the cockpit area.  It is not uncommon that uncovered boats will have a cabin full of water after sitting all winter. In all cases, we highly recommend using a moisture absorber like Damp Ride.  We sell this product at discounted prices in our store.

Pier Unloading Zones

With the end of the boating season, many people will be unloading their gear from their boats and will need to bring their vehicles to the designated unloading zones.  Please do not PARK your vehicles in these areas. If your engine is not running and you are not near your vehicle… you are parked. 

Sail Drop Off

Maryland Marina continues to be a drop off and pick up site for St. Michael’s Sails.  They can clean, repair or store your sails during the winter.   Sails can be dropped off at the pickup location, in the marina building, at any time during regular business hours.  St. Michael’s will bill you directly for all services.  For more information you can contact them at 410 745-3311. 

Bottom Painting

If you intend to have your bottom sanded or painted by the marina for this coming season, please contact the service department at your earliest opportunity.  We will prep your bottom during the winter and have it freshly painted just before launching. Bottom painting will be billed in the spring upon completion. Avoid the spring rush and make your arrangements now.

Have a great winter and we hope to serve you in 2022!

Official Authorized Service & Parts Dealer